Sunday, July 17, 2011

High Quality Backlinks are the Most Important Factor in Search Results

Inbound Link building and development.

Learn how Vab media can develop inbound links or backlinks for your company and drive your Website to the top of SEO results.

SEO Link building:

Gone are the days of putting up a website and sitting back and waiting for the masses
to find you and make you weathy(were they ever really here?).
In the early days of seo, search engines determined a page’s relevancy almost exclusively by analyzing on-site factors e.g. keyword repetition frequency, meta tags, etc., with no respect for inbound links.
In contrast, inbound links or backlinks are perhaps the single most critical factor in modern search engine algorithms.
“Inbound links are links from pages on external sites linking back to your site. Inbound links can bring new users to your site, and when the links are merit-based and freely-volunteered as an editorial choice, they’re also one of the positive signals to Google about your site’s importance. Other signals include things like our analysis of your site’s content, its relevance to a geographic location, etc. As many of you know, relevant, quality inbound links can affect your PageRank (one of many factors in our ranking algorithm). And quality links often come naturally to sites with compelling content or offering a unique service.” Google
It is not the volume of inbound links that matters, but it is the quality and contextual relevance of inbound links that delivers top search rankings.
Vab Media provide excellent inbound link development services, with years of link development experience to acquire high quality inbound links from relevant authoritative sources.

Inbound Link Optimization Overview

Inbound link development for search engine optimization is far more complicated that just acquiring as many links as possible. Search engines famously use complex algorithms with hundreds of variables that determine how much weight an inbound link may receive and it is always evolving.
Through years of experience and extensive correlation experimentation, we have identified a large number of properties and variables that can maximize inbound link performance. We integrally optimize inbound links, factoring for each of these variables while complying withgoogle webmaster tools and white hat seo best practices.

Some of the more important inbound link variables for which we optimize include:

Link Anchor Text:

Anchor text is weighted highly (i.e.ranked) in search engines algorithms, because the linked text is usually relevant to the landing page. The objective of search engines is to provide highly relevant search results.
The anchor text (the clickable text) is extremely important for SEO.  An example of this would be, “please check out our  Web Development Portfolio to analyze our design skills.” The clickable words within the hyperlink “Web Development Portfolio” are called the “anchor text” ( because they anchor that particular link).
Google and others have been applying this to search engines algorithms to analyze the relevance or relationship between the words in links and the ‘target’ or ‘landing page’ URL for the content of keywords appearing in the anchor text. Successful SEO has many factors. One of the most crucial is the ‘anchor text’ of inbound links, and getting the right keyword phrases. Another important factor is Context. Search engines could choose to give a lot of weight to where your link was coming from in terms of the relevance of the content of the linking website to the subject matter of your own website.
We creatively formulate optimized inbound links that use primary target keywords, and long tail keyword phrases. Our goal is always to create a diverse and natural portfolio of inbound links, where each link is uniquely crafted for its intended page.

Page-Topic Relevance:

Matching the topic or theme of two pages is essential if the links between them are to be deemed relevant and trustworthy by search engines.
Vab Media will only acquire links from high quality pages that are related to your industry or topic. Vab Media’s view is that links should add value to the end users that are viewing the page, and this is what guides us in selecting pages for inbound links.

Link Contextual Relevance / Proximity Text:

In addition to overall page-topic relevancy, it is ideal that the placement of links is contextual i.e. that they are “in-content” links, or that they are otherwise proximally situated to relevant content on the page.

Our strategy always involves finding contextual inbound links as opposed to low-quality links(such as link farms)that are separated from relevant content. Contact us to learn more link building strategies for your business.