Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SEO Santa Cruz link building-the power of a .ORG to your site

SEO Link building

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SEO Link building:

SEO Santa Cruz Link Building

The days are long gone of putting up a website and sitting back and waiting for a lot of traffic to find you and make you a millionaire. ( I don't think they were ever really here)
When search engine optimization first started, search engines determined a page’s relevancy almost exclusively by analyzing on-site factors e.g. keyword repetition frequency, meta tags, etc., with no respect for inbound links.
In contrast, inbound links are perhaps the single most critical factor in modern search engine algorithms.

“Inbound links are links from pages on external sites linking back to your site. Inbound links can bring new users to your site, and when the links are merit-based and freely-volunteered as an editorial choice, they’re also one of the positive signals to Google about your site’s importance. Other signals include things like our analysis of your site’s content, its relevance to a geographic location, etc. As many of you know, relevant, quality inbound links can affect your PageRank (one of many factors in ourranking algorithm). And quality links often come naturally to sites with compelling content or offering a unique service.” this is quote from Google
Less is sometimes more. It is not the amount of inbound links that matters, but it is the quality and contextual relevance of inbound links that delivers top search rankings. As an example. Vab Media has made the Santa Cruz Film festivals website last year. They are a .ORG and a Google pagerank 5. Because the SC film festival website is almost as famous as the The Sundance film festival and Tribeca film festival. It gets millions of visitors every year. Since our link is on the footer as the designer we receive very powerful and relevant link juice from Google. Vab Media is a pagerank 5Google trusts URL's ending in .ORG .EDU .GOV a lot more than .COM. So think of pagerank as fans to your site. And the more powerful and relevant the fan (link) is, the better it is for you in how Google views the value and importance of your site. So it is better to have a few credible high pagerank links coming into your site than to go after hundreds of easy to get non relevant ones.
But how can your link be included in a .org or .gov? Find organizations that you can join related to your business or industry. Sometimes they offer a listing in their directories for a membership fee or write an article that is helpful to most of the members of the organization and talk to the organization's administration about allowing you to post the article and a link back to your website.
Vab Media provides expert inbound link development services, with years of link development experience to acquire high quality inbound links from relevant authoritative sources. Check our blog for more information.

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